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Before reading any farther I would like you to answer this question; who in this universe is able to choose whether a person lives or dies? Should a human being that is full of fault be able to condemn an innocent baby to death? Abortion is a very controversial subject, but I would like to tell you why abortion should be banned, and the traumatizing effect that it has on most mothers.

A lot of people feel that women should have the right to choose whether they want an abortion or not. If you think about the people involved in the school shootings they also had a choice, but their choice has consequences. Shouldn't any murder have consequences? People all over the world think that there is a difference between killing a baby, and killing an adult. By reading "A Pro-life equation" in Harper's magazine I found out the difference between killing a baby and killing an adult.

The article compares a Florida abortion doctor that was killed to babies that are killed. The doctor was a strong empowered adult that stood up for his own rights. He was guilty of horrible crimes against others. He was arrogant, and he bragged and sang over a megaphone about how he was going to continue to kill babies. This man's killing was illegal and his killer will pay. He had a funeral, a eulogy, and a burial. The babies that are killed are weak, vulnerable, and helpless; they need others to stand up for them. They are not guilty of any crimes against others. They are humble, and their killing is legal. The babies have no funeral,no eulogies, and no burial's (23).

What does the word compassion really mean? Webster's Dictionary defines compassion as a sympathetic feeling: Pity, Mercy. Do we as...