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When the topic of abortion is brought up what is the first reactions that come to mind? What are your feelings toward the issue? A controversial social problem of the world today is the topic of abortion. Whether someone is pro-abortion or anti-abortion they will always have an opinion about the issue. When the topic of abortion is brought up in a conversation many emotions and viewpoints from all the parties will have something to say about the way they feel. When the topic of abortion was brought up in the class discussion some people felt comfortable while others were uneasy talking about it. Some students were afraid to voice their opinion possibly due to the fear of having others judge them or dislike them because of what they believed. While on the other hand some students felt very comfortable talking about the issue and wanted their opinions to be heard and justified.

George W. Bush holds the position I believe of being anti-abortion. He feels that there should be a place made for the unborn child and that all children should be welcomed. He feels that every child whether it be born or unborn should always be protected. He feels that partial-birth abortions should be banned and that abortions should be reduced overall. He would not allow funds to be given to groups that offer abortions and he would encourage fewer abortions through adoption and abstinence. Overall the ideal that Bush views is to value every life. On the other hand John Kerry is pro-abortion. Kerry resists restrictions on abortions. He feels that the partial-birth abortion ban undermines a women's right to choose and that they should not be punished for participating in an abortion or a partial-birth abortion. Overall Kerry is a believer in the women's right to...