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One of the most controversial subjects in today's society is abortion. Abortion is the termination of a fetus when it is in the womb. Currently abortion is legal in America and many people believe that it should remain legal. They believe that a woman should be in control of her body and should have the right to choose if she wants a baby or not. However there are also many people who believe that abortion is wrong and that a woman should not have the right to kill another human being even if it is not yet born.

There are two main groups in this argument; Pro-Life supporters who believe that the fetus has as much right to life as everyone else. They want abortion to be banned as they believe that killing a fetus is murder. On the other hand, Pro-Choice advocates maintain that the woman should have a right to choose if she wants to give birth as it is her body and her life.

There are many reasons for someone to have an abortion for example the woman could be too young or she might feel that she does not want to take on the responsibility of looking after a child as it grows up. Both sides of the debate make strong arguments. In my opinion, I feel that abortion should only be allowed if a woman was raped or if having the child would kill the mother. In these circumstances I believe that an abortion is necessary. If a woman wants to have an abortion because she doesn't want to raise the child or she thinks she is too young then that should not be allowed. People should know that pregnancy comes with the responsibility of having sex and they should be accountable for their actions.