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Every year in America, over 1,000,000 murders never reach the courtroom. They never reach the courtroom because they are completely legal by ways of abortion. Abortion continues to grow across the world. America and society in general has accepted this horrible act to be okay. What people don't seem to realize is that people are killing an innocent human being. No matter what anyone believes, it is a human being, and the mother shouldn't have the right to kill it if she doesn't want it. Abortion is not right because it is murder, it is immoral to kill, and it is unfair to take away one's right to live.

Abortion is murder because you're still killing a living creature or in this case, a fetus. Most people that are for abortion believe that the fetus is not considered a human being yet. This is completely wrong and has been proven by many doctors.

The human life begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg. After two months, the fetus is about 1 inch long and can move its head, mouth, arms, and legs and has a heartbeat. The fetus has recognizable features after three months. This is also around the time when the abortions are usually performed. If the fetus is not alive, why can it do almost all the things like a born baby?

Another reason abortion is not right because it is immoral. Abortion has become morally acceptable to some just because it is currently legal. Being legal does not necessarily mean it is morally the right thing. Slavery was once legal in the United States, even though it was very clear that it was morally wrong. The taking of an innocent, defenseless human life is unacceptable and also morally wrong. Killing innocent people is immoral and even...