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According to the WHO, there are fifty million abortions annually throughout the world. This has caused much debate and conflict concerning morals and actual problems that it solves and causes. Those who support abortion are said to be pro-choice, and those who oppose abortion are said to be pro-life.

Common reasons for abortion are erroneous contraception, rape, teenage pregnancy, incest, and handicapped babies and/or mothers. Most pro-abortionists claim that a woman should have the right to choose to have a baby or not; especially in the case of a rape, because the woman has no responsibility for the fertilization. If abortion is made illegal, women who desperately do not want the baby may go to an illegal doctor who is not qualified for the operation. Some women in the Philippines kill their fetuses by using abdominal massage, which damages organs, or a sharpened bamboo stick and hope not to hit the bladder or bowel.

Many anti-abortionists are those with religious backgrounds, claiming that abortion is the killing of a human being or the killing of a human being before he/she is human. When the fetus is considered a human being is a question of constant dispute. From the point of conception, the fetus is a form of life, and so many anti-abortionists claim that a fetus is a form of human life. However, some pro-abortionists claim that a fetus is not conscious, and so is not a form of human life. But then again, aborting would mean that a potential human being is killed before he/she becomes one. However, this would mean that contraception is also the killing of a potential human being, and so it is not a very strong argument because contraception is generally accepted throughout most of the world. Lastly, abortion can cause...