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Many people have their own personal beliefs about abortion. There are two opposing sides of abortion and the issue of the decision between societies' opinions. Abortion should stay legalized for the first trimester with no questions asked since a whole trimester should be adequate time to choose whether or not to keep the child, and only for health reasons there after.

People who oppose abortion are known as pro-life, and the people who are for abortion are known as pro-choice. Pro-choice people understand the circumstances of unwanted pregnancies and believe that woman who suffered such crimes, as rape and incest should have the right to abort. Pro-life advocates don't see it the same. The pro-choice organizations are often violated by the pro-life organizations by the use of harassment techniques and vandalism. Before protests against abortion, pro-life activist are informed by letters such as "The justice of taking godly action necessary to defend innocent life includes the use of force is legitimate to defend the life of a born child is legitimate to defend the life of an unborn child," which was written by Paul Hill and signed by pro-life conservators regarding the harms of abortion.

Preaching like Hill's has motivated some to set fires to buildings or although condemned even going as far as killing abortion practitioners, considered "justifiable homicide" according to websites such as the missionariestothepreborn.com. Hill's letters motivate pro-life protestors to harass pro-choice people and clinics through vandalism and violent protests. Physicians and Clinics, however, are usually against abortion protesters because they support the decisions of woman with unwanted pregnancies.

The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization that defends rights according to the constitution; the ACLU chooses to fight for the right to abort, claiming abortion does not violate the first amendment, which is the right of...