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When one thinks of a baby, they think of a sweet, innocent, happy little child. So, why would anyone want to end the life of something so perfect? The reality is though that this is happening day after day. A cruel slaughter of an innocent child who did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Abortion kills nearly 2 babies every second of each and every single day. So, what is abortion to you?

Abortion is actually the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus. Although, when told like that, it doesn't say how the babies are cruelly slaughtered. One way to have an abortion is a vacuum aspiration. This is done with a vacuum type of suction that's 27 times stronger than a home vacuum cleaner. In other words it rips the baby apart along with the placenta. Meanwhile, the child was living, breathing, and also moving just as all of us do.

Approximately, there are 46 million abortions each year around the world. In the same way that means there are about 126,000 abortions every single day.

However, over half of the women obtaining abortions in the U.S. alone are younger that 25 years old. The way some may see it, is a pregnancy happened by accident and the women viewed abortion as the only way to get out of their mess. They saw it as an easy way out of their troubles. What some don't realize is that they just murdered their very own child. Some people don't think that the baby can feel it, or that its even alive. The truth is though, is that's not really true. For example the heart begins beating between the eighteenth and twenty-fifth day and most abortions happen after the first two weeks but within eight of them. Therefore, the child is alive when abortion takes place.

The question some may also want to ask, is why is abortion legal when man slaughter is punishable? Man slaughter isn't even charged for being done on purpose but, yet one still has to face the consequences for their mistake. Abortion is by choice, whether its because of their mistake or for another reason. One chooses to kill their very own child's life on purpose before it even gets to open their eyes to their new world. So, why is there a choice to kill someone but consequently nothing happens for their actions?

More importantly out of these unborn children killed, what if one of them was the doctor who was going to find the cure for cancer, or be the next one to save the world? Then again, how could any of this happen, when these human beings aren't even given a chance? The world should realize that there needs to be an end to this murdering happening around the world. So, together a difference can be made to save the lives of the future. Together, lets end abortion.