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Abortion as we all know is a very sinful act in the eyes of God. Abortion is the act of terminating the pregnancy thereby killing the unborn fetus. No one seems to care that this is still considered murder. Even if the fetus from the mother's womb is not fully developed. Is abortion even mentioned in the bible? If it is than how was the procedure performed? Abortion is a lot different from what is represented in the bible. God made man in his image and God the Father said that man must be "fruitful and multiply". How can you be fruitful and multiply if you keep killing your own children? We are Gods creation and our life is from God, only he has the right to end our life. We do not have the right to end our own lives or the lives of others or do we?

There are many reasons why women feel that abortion is the ultimate solution.

The pregnant woman decides to abort the fetus even if they know that it is immoral. Most of these women believe that they have no other choice. Here are some of the reasons why these women believe that abortion is their only solution:

1. Teenage Pregnancy- The teenage pregnancy is one of the reasons why there are a lot of women who eventually decide to have an abortion. People at this age are happy go lucky, they don't think of what the future may bring, what's important is now, how they feel at that moment. At this very young age most adolescents experience feeling so close to their boyfriend/girlfriend to the extent of doing things that they are not ready to commit to. These young teens love each other so much that they think that they only...