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"Hey Louise! I just got invited to this crazy party by this good looking hunk! Did you get invited to the party tonight?""No Jennifer! For a matter of fact I didn't get invited to the party. No body would invite me because I am not as pretty as you are! replied Louise.

"Don't say that," answered Louise. Just tag along with me and you will be fine. I heard that there is going to be a lot of good looking guys! Maybe you can hook up with one of those cute looking guys from the party? I hope that I can get lucky with the guy that asked me out earlier.

"WOW! Already?" replied Jennifer. Don't you think you're kind of young? Hey you better have one of those things before you do it because you don't want to face the consequences if you don't have one.

Now, before I turn to my main argument, I want to define a key term before I continue on.

The Northern Arizona University defines Utilitarianism to be (4th Definition):Utilitarianism is the belief that an act is either right or wrong based on the consequences of the act. This is also the doctrine of the greatest good forthe greatest number of people. With this theory, a person's value in society wouldbe based on his or her utility within that society.

My main argument that I am trying to prove is that if you solely believe that if you choose the better of the two, pleasure or pain you will have to suffer the consequences laid in front of you later in the near future. Let's continue right on with the story.

"You mean a condom?" replied Jennifer.

"Yes a condom, what else a monkey?" answered Louise.

"Don't worry I will get one before...