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Abortion is wrong because it’s like murder and should not be legal. In the body of this essay, I will compare the views of the different opinions of abortion. Mostly Christians are against the view of killing a foetus because it’s considered murder. Other people think it should be the mother’s decision on whether she gets an abortion and shouldn’t be told what to do. The next paragraph will talk about the history behind abortion and how it got started.

Unwanted pregnancies are almost as old as the human race. In the past, many people have found many ways in which they can kill their baby and this has led to debates about procedures which should be done and those that should not. The ancient Greeks and Romans were familiar with was to end the life of a new born. Sometimes they would use herbal medications or surgical intervention. Aristotle and Plato were supportive with killing the foetus, but the Christian were not.

Because of the Christian point of view, the western world placed limits on abortion, but that started to change after the 1960s. In the UK when the laws were just changing, there were around 15,000 to 20,000 abortions and a similar number of illegal abortions. There are around 185,000 legal abortions in the UK itself.

The Christian point of view about abortion is that it is murder and murder is a sin because it is written in the 10 commandments which should be obeyed. Others argue that it is not really a human life yet until the 26 week and so they are not really a human life yet until then. The Christians argue that the foetus inside is a real life when the egg is fertilised because that is the start of the new life. Also...