Abortion         Abortion is one of the most controversial and important

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Abortion Abortion is one of the most controversial and important subjects of this generation. One out of every four people are not living today because they were killed before their birth. Abortion should be abolished because all it is doing is killing people.

Most people know somebody who has had an abortion. Even one out of every six women has had an abortion. These numbers are way too high. This means that people are taking advantage of abortion and not just using it when it is necessary.

Today, abortion is legal for any reason during all nine months of the pregnancy. Some people think it is only legal during the first three months. It is legal at all stages guaranteed by the Supreme Court.

In 1973 the Supreme Court had a famous case which was the Roe vs. Wade case. They ruled that a woman and her doctor may freely decide to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester.

They also said that state governments can restrict abortion access after the first trimester with laws intended to protect the woman's health. Last they stated that abortions after fetal viability must be available if the woman's health or life are at risk, but state governments can prohibit other abortions.

Doe vs. Bolton was another big case. Doe held that abortion must remain legally available to women at any stage in pregnancy for health reasons. "Health included physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age." (Some Abortion Facts) Sixteen states still have anti-abortion laws even though they are unconstitutional and nullified under Roe vs. Wade. Many people have tried since 1973 to reduce free access to abortions. Some states have even passed laws requiring counseling or a cooling-off period before an abortion is performed and ending financial support for women in poverty who seek abortions. They have also passed parental involvement laws stating a pregnant woman who has not reached the age of majority may not be able to decide on her own to obtain an abortion. The age of majority differs in states.

Ohio was the first of 30 states to enact a ban on partial birth abortion, which is a procedure that kills the child as it is delivered. Courts have invalidated almost all these bans which leave the child unprotected even during delivery.

Abortion is destructive to women as well as children. There are reports of physical injuries and deaths at clinics that are common. Clinics even pass out pamphlets about problems occurring after abortion such as guilt and depression.

Most Americans want abortion illegal for exceptions such as rape and incest. Whether or not abortion should be legal or not is when the fetus actually becomes a person. Pro-life and pro-choice people believe in many of the same things. First, that an ovum is a form of life and that it is not a human person. A spermatozoa is a form of life but not a human person. At or shortly after conception, a fertilized ovum is a form of life. They both believe that a fetus, embryo, and a newborn child are all forms of life, also that the newborn baby is a human person. They both agree that somewhere during the nine month pregnancy, human personhood begins. Lastly, when human personhood begins, an abortion should not be legal, except under very unusual situations. (When Does Life Become Human Life?) Each of our own cells has as much potential for development as any human embryo. Each cell has the entire DNA code. Australian bioethicist Julian Savulescu, "If all our cells could be persons, then we cannot appeal to the fact that an embryo could be a person to justify the special treatment we give it." (Lee and George) These are human beings. We come to be precisely when the animal-organisms we are come to be. The human person is a body and not just a conscious using a body. The human person comes to be at conception.

The fetus can't be considered part of the mother's body when it has its own separate genetics from the combination of the mother's and father's genetics, its own organs and blood supply, and maybe its own different gender. A woman shouldn't have the right to destroy a living human because it is an inconvenience. The worth of a human should not be determined by its residence location. (The Debate) The only real difference between pro-choicers and pro-lifers is when human personhood actually begins. Most pro-choicers would say sometime later in the pregnancy. The pro-lifers believe it begins at conception.

Fetuses can actually feel pain starting at about nine weeks which is 4/5 of the pregnancy. Anesthetics do not kill the pain for the baby. Halfway through the pregnancy the fetus can actually dream. It is thinking just as much as we all do while we sleep. It is not legal to kill a person while they are sleeping just because they are only using unconscious thought.

Religion has a big part to do with the abortion debate. No one religion dominates the law of the nation, but the morals and beliefs of the people is what create the beliefs of the government. There are Biblical passages that are interpreted as referring to the worth of a fetus. God doesn't create children so they can be killed and sent back to him. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest organized church in the whole world and probably the most influential. They openly condemn abortion.

Women can get Post-traumatic Syndrome after an abortion. It is most often seen in near death experiences. The common symptoms of it are reoccurring dreams of the experience, fear of the location, certain things remind the person of their experience, insomnia, and others. In abortion it is called Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. This has symptoms of depression and feelings of guilt. (The Debate) Abortions are carried out in every country in the world today, regardless of the law. World-wide, it is estimated that 50 million abortions occur every year. More than one-third is illegal abortions, occurring mostly in the developing world. Almost one-half of them occur outside any health care system. (Abortion in Law, History, and Religion) Abortion has affected almost everybody. It is morally wrong to have an abortion. We need to find a way to stop all this killing.