Abortion and Government

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The mere whisper of the word abortion has the power to set off social and political arguments of tremendous proportions. The infinite passages this argument can lead us to, are only equaled to the amount of answers we can conclude. Through all the smoke and mirrors only a few arguments are truly viable, the morality and legality of abortion relative to the rights of women. Somewhere amidst the abortion debates of the last quarter century, the real issue has been forgotten. The focus has become too religious for a country that has separated church and state; therefore we will not argue the rights and wrongs of abortion. No answers can be derived until we focus on what the law and our citizens consider being of value, because this is how laws are changed. We, as Americans, hold our laws sacred to the value of human rights, but when do a woman's rights end and that of her unborn begin? The saving grace, and ultimately the great flaw as some believe, is our Constitution and its capability of changing and adapting to our needs in a democratic state, as it has for over two hundred years.

Our founding fathers created it as an erasable document, to allow future generations to correct themselves. The past has also shown we at times, not only as Americans but as pioneers of the modern human race have stumbled through some questionable times, both ethically and morally. As a nation, we have attempted and succeeded a degree of morality in our laws, a shared belief in what is right and wrong, that is enforced by the laws we make. We assert that to harm another intentionally or not, is wrong and deserving of the corresponding punishment. Our laws condemn murderers, and for people that accidentally kill...