Abortion Fetal tissue research is the process of using fetal tissue, derived from legal abortions, for scientific research into fundamental biological processes and human development.

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Every year in Canada, over 100 000 murders never reach the

courtroom.1 They never reach the courtroom because they are completely

legal. Abortion continues to grow across the world, hurting and killing

children, as well as their mothers. Abortion is i

mmoral, harmful, and actions must be taken to stop it.

When a woman aborts, she is not only killing her child but is also

harming herself. Legal abortion is the fifth leading cause of maternal

death.2 Ten percent of women undergoing abortion suffer immediate

complications, and one fifth of those are consid

ered life threatening.3 Teenage aborters are at an even higher risk.4

These serious conditions include infection, embolisms, convulsions,

hemorrhage, and endotoxic poisoning.5 By having an abortion, a woman

doubles her chances of getting breast or cerv

ical cancer. Every consequent abortion increases these chances.6 Physical

damage, however, is merely the beginning. Aborted mothers will also

suffer many psychological effects as well.

These include nightmares,

hysterical outbreaks, feelings of immens

e guilt, and fear of punishment from God.7 In fact, aborted women visit

doctors for psychosocial reasons 180% more than other women.8 Abortion may

seem like a quick fix at the time, but there can be many and harsh

consequenc! es.

Yet even if a mother is willing to accept the consequences, she is

taking away a human life. Purely biologically speaking, it is undeniable

that a fetus is a human, and an individual. at the moment of conception,

the fetus has a DNA that is different f

rom his or her mother. By three weeks, the baby's heart is pumping its

own circulatory system with a blood type different from its mother.9

Doctors measure the end of life by brain death. It is then reasonable to

say that the beginning of life should b

e at least...