Abortion moralities.

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Being a soon to be father I feel I am obligated to agree with neither of the two positions. However, if asked this question several months ago, before I found out my news, I would have a different response than the one I now have towards abortion. If asked before the discovery of my future baby, I would have agreed with the position of ones right to privacy. This is simply the stance that one is entitled to make their own decisions without restraint in order to live out their life happily and how they had planned. While I would still agree with this decision even now under certain circumstances there are those that are not worthy, in my opinion, to allow for an abortion. Examples of worthy are situations such as a birth defect which would hinder the child from living a normal and healthy life or in the event that the childbirth may cause permanent damages, such as death, to the mother giving birth or the child itself.

In my opinion these situations are worthy of an abortion since the effects are permanent in both the child's and mother's lives in a negative manner. This in turn would prevent the pregnant mother from living out her life happily and as planned because of the harsh effects of the birth should it happen. However, there are situations such as the mother feeling she could not afford the baby or other birth defects, an example being down syndrome, that in my opinion is not worthy of having an abortion. While the effects of the baby being born may be negative for a short period the situation usually improves. There are also situations such as the parents just not wanting the kids, or the mother being too young.