Abortion is morally impermissible

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Abortion should not be an optional procedure for careless mothers. It should not be available to solve an inconvenience of a heartless person. There are only two exceptions to abortion being morally permissible; imminent death of the mother, and rape. With these two extreme cases, abortion should be available to those mothers. Arguing deductively, murder is wrong, abortion is murder, therefore abortion is wrong. Adoption is the right answer. It solves the mother's problems and also a lonely family out there searching for the joy of children.

Abortion is a selfish and coldhearted act. Human organisms are psychologically and biologically human therefore they have the right to life. Taking anyone's right to life is illegal in any country. I can think of only two instances in which abortion should be legally permitted. When dealing with a mother's danger, a woman also has the right to life in which case abortion should be legally performed in the case of self-defense.

Involuntary intercourse, from rape allows abortion as an option if pregnancy occurs. Making abortion illegal except in the previously mentioned, extreme cases would be legal protection for potential persons.

When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy she does not ask herself, "Is this a baby," because she knows it is. When the opposition of the matter argues that the fetus should not be considered human is absurd. The mother knows that when she is having an abortion she is murdering her baby. This procedure should not be available to out of luck mothers, mothers who are not ready to have children or mothers that simply don't want children. Adoption is the answer to solve the inconvenience of these mothers. Not only does adoption give a family, unable to bear children, a new life but it gives the child...