Abortion, A Mother's Right

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Abortion: A Woman's Right Abortion is a controversial moral issue we all hear about on a regular basis but one rarely stops to think about who exactly is involved in or affected by this process, and who has the authority to decide if it is indeed morally acceptable. "˜Morality' shall be defined as that which is in accordance with principles or rules of right or good conduct measured against prevailing standards of rectitude. When trying to resolve the debate of abortion, one must first consider the factors or players involved. Obviously the pregnant mother is most pertinent to this issue. However, to what degree can we focus solely on the mother when attacking this issue? There are indeed other factors implicated in this debate, in particular the fetus in question. Can we merely overlook the other aspects and hold that the mother is the only relevant factor? When reading articles concerning abortion by various philosophers we learn that although the mother should be the main focus of this debate, we must also pay at least some attention to the fetus, as well as the third party who will presumably abort it.

When approaching the debate of the moral status of abortion through a feminist point of view, the focus will undoubtedly be almost exclusively on the pregnant woman who seeks abortion. This is because feminists are concerned with freeing women from male dominance and giving women more control over their sexual lives. In her article "Abortion Through a Feminist Ethics Lens"�, feminist philosopher Susan Sherwin explicitly demonstrates why the mother is of utter importance in the issue of abortion, and clearly contrasts the feminist from the non-feminist views. A main reason why Sherwin asserts that the pregnant woman is "a subject of principal concern"� is linked to the general issue...