Is abortion murder?

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"Thou shalt not kill" (Fifth Commandment of God) People complain about the things that they could have done or should have done in life. Unfortunately, not everyone gets or is given the chance to even regret not living their lives to the full. Unwanted, unborn children have no say whatsoever. They do not even get the chance to breathe the air. This chance of life is taken from them before their lives even begin. Should we have a right to decide whether a human deserves to live or die? I feel that no human has the right to take another being's life. The Catholic Church carries out a pro-life campaign. They believe that God is the giver and taker of life. The love between two people becomes whole when a life is produced. Once this life process begins from within the womb the only person who should stop it is God himself.

Other religions carry out a pro-abortion campaign. They believe that a woman has the right to decide what should be done to her body, even if it includes terminating an embryo. According to some, an embryo is not a life until a certain time period of the pregnancy. The embryo is just an egg, the same as a chicken egg before it is boiled to eat. I do not agree with this. Should we therefore cast out a blind man just because he cannot see? I should think not. So, just because the life may not be fully formed, it does not give anyone the right to take it away.

I believe no one has the right to play God. God gave life to each and every one of us. Life is not a thing to be tampered with. Life is one of the most precious...