Abortion: Not a Choice

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One of the most extraordinary opportunities a woman has is the ability to create life. How could anyone justify taking that away? Every year innocent life is taken from approximately 1,500,000 babies by means of abortion. Abortion is wrong on many levels due to the fact that it affects not only the baby's life, but the physical and mental well-being of the mother. Abortion may be defined as the termination of pregnancy by unnatural causes.

The abortive procedure that may be utilized earliest in pregnancy is the "early -option" pill, RU-486. This medication which is commonly referred to as the abortion pill, a medical abortion, or non-surgical abortion contains two chemical components. When the patient takes the drug, Mifeprex, there are two phases of the treatment. The first pill you take blocks progesterone production which will cause the uterus to be an unacceptable environment for the fetus to attach.

Subsequently a prostaglandin is administered causing the uterus to contract and the fetus to be expelled. This procedure is not highly recommended by medical professionals, due to its controversial basis there has been limited testing in the United States. In nearly all cases women who opt to take the pill experience severe bleeding and cramps. Though these are two physically threatening side effects of this form of abortion, the early-option pill has its own horrifying unique quality; when the embryo is expelled, the mother will have no choice but to see the fetus once it has passed. The psychological ramifications of this are long lasting and very devastating. The pill is generally used before the mother has progressed past the forty-ninth day of pregnancy. Though this may seem like the easiest way out for women seeking an abortive procedure, medical professionals caution that RU-486 can be a disastrous option to...