The Abortion Pill Should It Be Used?

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The Abortion Pill Should It Be Used? What is the abortion pill? The abortion pill is an oral contraceptive, that is used to abort a fetus in it's zygote stage. It is faster, easier, and safer then surgical abortion. The political, economic and social issues will show that the abortion pill should be legalized.

If the government were to legalize the abortion pill the political issue would mildly change. The people who are prolife will disagree with the pill, because they protest abortion. They would also be a little more discouraged with the government for making it easier and accessible. Prochoice people would be happier with the legalization of the pill because it is safer. Therefore, the relationship between the government and the people will not change a great deal.

The effect on the economic issue, if the abortion pill is used is a positive effect. First, it would increase the amount of government spending for research.

However, in the long run the costs would decrease because less technology needed and the procedure will be easier and most likely to be used and eventually become profitable. Therefore, the pill will help the economic issue.

The pill would also effect the society issue. First anyone who is originally prolife or prochoice will have the same views on abortion. People who are Prochoice will be satisfied cause its easier, safer, and more private. People who are undecided may feel more at ease about abortion cause it is not as murderous as it sounded before. Therefore, it effects the political aspect but, in a more positive manner.

The political, economical, and social issues, show that the abortion pill should be used. The pill reduces the health risk of surgical abortion. Although, abortion is morally wrong in many eyes, but if its going to be done it should be less painful and easier for everyone. The abortion pill has multiple advantages and it should be used instead of surgical abortion.