Abortion poem

Essay by m_iria_m June 2004

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What am I mummy, pale and small,

Knees I now have, so that one day I can crawl.

Feet are to come, legs are here,

Ears, nose, ohh dear!

How do I work all theses wonderful gifts?

Plenty more to come, none to miss,

Heads now rounder, toes pop out,

Mummy I'm so happy I could shout!

Eyes now open, everything is dark,

Creatures and goblins will one-day lark

For these are in stories that one-day ill hear

Ohh please mummy don't leave me here.

Three months today, ill make a wish,

Hold me in your arms and give me a kiss,

Wipe away your tears, for I'm nearly home,

Cuddle me mum, oh, here comes my bum.

The worlds all shaky, mummy help

These feelings are scary, as I hear a yelp,

Your lying on a table, fear in your eyes,

I look at daddy, he nearly cries

Daddy's a young man, can't handle the guilt,

As they pull me apart, this body you built.

Mummy now cries, what have you done?

To sabotage me, your only son.

Well, this is goodbye, mummy please know,

As they cut up my heart, ill never get to show,

The love that I have, inside of heart,

As they rip and tear my body apart.

Each day I see you, from up above,

Crying, weeping, for the son that you couldn't love.

For you are why ill never see the blue skies and the dark.

You killed me mummy, ill never see the creatures and goblins that lark.

If this is goodbye, then say it once more

Hold me in your arms, and close the door,

For you and daddy have cause a sin,

Doctors and nurses threw me in the bin.

3 months I was old when you...