Abortion: Pro-Life

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If my friend said to me that she was going to have an abortion, I would tell her to reconsider because I do not believe in abortion. Abortion is unethical and my choice is life. There are people out there that want world peace and yet they allow a woman to kill her baby. Abortion is murder and you are taking the life of another human being. Most people consider it murder to kill a baby the day after it is born. Then why would it not be murder to kill it before it is born? The babies never did anything and yet they are getting the death sentence. They think it is okay when a woman aborts her baby during the first trimester. Well I believe that is just time on death row for the child. Next thing you know they will allow a women to kill her baby within the first 30 days of its life.

I believe that everyone has the right to life. If you feel that you can't take care of the baby, there are a lot of other options. One answer would be adoption. There are a million couples out there that cannot have children and they are willing to give a child a nice loving home. If you are thinking of aborting your baby, take a stroll to your local hospital and check out the nursery. When you see that poor helpless child lying there, just think to yourself that could be your baby and remember they are living and depending on you.