Abortion: The Public's Debate

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The main public issue is concern with abortion. Many debates have been held to determine whether abortion should be made illegal. The sides of the issue was brought into light by Ellen Willis who wants to keep abortion legal, she gave examples like feminist freedom while Randall A. Terry is an antiabortionist who believes that killing a baby is immoral and unjust. Willis is a writer since 1966 and a publisher in The New Yorker. Her article is based on logic because she gave an example of herself during her pregnancy and after birth. She also gave a lot of details, and a well define of her technical term " abortion", but she failed to define it in medical term, which didn't give her a strong support of her point. In contrast, Terry is the founder of the antiabortion organization Operation Rescue. His article is based on Logic because he used The Tenth Commandment to support his point, but he failed to connect his ideas together.

Willis considers abortion to be right. She focuses on the issues of unwanted pregnancy, it is up to a woman whether she wants to keep the baby or not. If the woman is not ready to have a child but if she is forced to have the child can only add injury. She also talked about women could had sexual pleasure without fear of the consequences. She stated that "fight for abortion has always been the cutting edge of feminism" because she is more on "pro-choice" than "pro-life" because her article was about women's liberation and their rights. She argues that antiabortion laws deprive women of their freedom.

Terry's article is based on the abortion clinic shooting. An antiabortion activist had opened fire at some abortion facilities in Brookline. She argues that they...