Is abortion really the answer?

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Is abortion really the answer?

Every year, approximately 3.700 women have legal abortions in the UK alone. Abortion has been a debatable issue for years even starting in the Roman times. Some people say abortion is murder, and should not be allowed, but is it really murder if the foetus is not conscious of its own existence. Also, it is that woman alone that carries her baby, and therefore any pregnant woman should have the abortion of an abortion because it is her own choice.

If the mother of the baby does not want to go through with the pregnancy, she should have the have the choice to have an abortion. It is her body, and she should have control over it. No-one else is going to carry her child for her, it is entirely her responsibility and no one else can make that choice for her. Depriving a woman of an abortion would only lead to other dangerous resorts to get rid of the child.

Woman could starve themselves or seek unlicensed "back alley" abortions, which can often lead to sterility or other harm, even death. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to get an abortion in a clean and safe environment than be reduced to put woman's life at risk?

If a mother is not able to cope with a baby, she should definitely be able to have an abortion. If abortion wasn't available, then young mothers with hard lifestyles would be forced to deal with a child, which would make there lives harder and tough to cope with. Pro-Choice advocates the claim that it is better to have babies aborted rather than them being brought up poor and neglected, where not only will the child suffer but society when that child develops a higher attraction to crime,