Abortion: Secularism vs Religion

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Abortion is a controversy between secularism and religion since the beginning of civilization. Today, 46 million abortions occur worldwide every year and eighty-six percent of pregnancy deaths are illegal abortions and one percent legal. Abortion can be defined as the 'expulsion' of a fetus in a womb, a definition where expulsion becomes an issue. Abortion is one of the most debatable ethnical and moral issues in current society influencing millions of women. The abortion controversy states: right vs. wrong, murder vs. death, and life vs. nonliving.

What does the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian bible say about abortion? The Church teaches Catholics that abortion is wrong and is considered as a practice of murder. The fifth commandment that sates 'You shall not kill' and abortion is the killing of a baby. Pope John Paul the second says,

"Abortion cannot be justified under any circumstance because it constitutes the killing of an innocent human being at the very beginning of life.

Pro-choice activists attempt to defend abortion by claiming that an unborn baby cannot be considered a person. However, modern science has clearly confirmed that human life begins at the moment of fertilization. Furthermore, the mere probability that a human embryo constitutes a human life warrants the complete prohibition of abortion. Abortion should be recognized for what it is: the murder of a sacred human life." Pope John Paul II (The Ethics of abortion, p.23)

Pope John Paul II reaffirms that human life is sacred because it involves God's creativity from the beginning of fertilization. In the encyclical Casti Connubii, written by Pope Pius XI in 1930, rejects the justifications of abortion and how it is only intended to destroy human life. The bible recognizes abortion as an unspeakable crime, "You knew I was there - you were with...