abortion should be legally banned in every country

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Mariyam Suaadh

Abortion should be legally banned in every country



Abortion should be legally banned in every country

The almighty gives life, and to him we return. However, abortion has become a necessity since ancient times. Looking back into the past, research shows when safe medical tools were not available, people attempt physical acts; jumping up and down, touching the buttocks with the heels, in order to abort. Furthermore in England, people assumed that causing pressure diagonally the abdomen and pelvis can abort the fetus (Ancient history of abortion, 2009). The risks associated with abortion has been high, and the arguments that abortion is the best option to get rid of an unwanted child is a long ongoing discussion and a believed theory which will be disproved in this essay. No matter what the situations of formation, or how far ahead in the pregnancy, abortion ends the life of a soul.

Thus people should know the risks of taking such big steps and the governments should be aware of the injustice made to voiceless humans.

Firstly infection in the womb is one of the main risks associated in abortion. Infection is a disease which is caused by bacteria or virus. Thus in abortion infection is caused due to the failing of eradicating all the foetus and concomitant tissues. As a result of this failure, research shows that this may lead to immense bleeding from vagina which is caused by the damage to the fallopian tube; the two tubes in a woman's body where the egg travel from ovaries to womb. In addition to this, the wounds in the uterus and the infection of the generative tissues may lead to infertility. Many pay very less attention to these risks as they want to get rid of the unwanted baby.