Abortion: Two Sides Of The Story

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Abortion is an issue that will not go away. According to Muldoon (1991), over the last 25 years or so, the debate on abortion has not moved any closer to resolution. Flanders (1991) also says that abortion has been the subject of controversy throughout recorded history. In today's society, the problem continues which arouses fierce emotions on all sides. Two groups of activists have dominated the debate. On one side, the opponents of abortion, who are referred to as anti-abortion or pro-life, encourage restrictive policies on abortion, on the other, pro-choice groups direct their attempts to creating a permissive policy that allows a woman's basic right to make her own decision (Muldoon, 1991). This conflict of opinions over whether or not abortion is right or wrong has created a violent debate in society. It's an endless argument that can go on for another 25 years if society doesn't find a way to breakthrough.

Examination of opposing views on abortion: pro-life's and pro-choice's points, with emphasis on moral and social issues, will be discussed. The major point of this paper however is stated clearly: abortion is a positive decision. Support for this idea will be shown through the discussion of women who have abortion, better contraception, family planning, and technology advancements.

There are various definitions of the term, abortion. Muldoon (1991) defines it as any termination of pregnancy, beginning from the moment that the ovum is fertilized. If this definition is used, then birth control pills and other forms of contraception are considered to aid abortion because they help prevent implantation. However, other definitions are used as well. In Induced Abortion: A World Review, abortion is described as termination of pregnancy after implantation of the blastocyst in the endometrium and before the fetus has obtained viability (Henshaw, 1990, p. 76). Pro-life...