Abortion: The Way to Terminate for Centuries

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If you knew your child would be born sick, mentally challenged, or physically deformed, would you want them to suffer a life time? Does that child not deserve love? If your daughter was raped would you make her live with a reminder through out an entire pregnancy? And will the pain and memory of the rape be erased if the pregnancy is terminated? These are some of the more significant things to think about before having an abortion. There are more reasons that have become more common then you may know. Some women are having abortions because they made a mistake, or they are scared of what their parents might think, or some are drug addicts or even girls purposely getting pregnant, and then when the guy does not come back they have an abortion. With women in our society being able to access abortions legally they have become more common.

With the invention of the morning after pill, pregnancy can be terminated before you even know you are pregnant. This is a great invention on behalf of our medical technology, but is it being used for the right reasons and by the right people? The morning after pill is accessible over the counter and if the condom breaks or you forget a birth control pill, you can be safe and destroy the egg before it is even fertilized. For instance; if a girl is extremely risky and she sleeps with a man and finds her self pregnant, should she be allowed to walk to the pharmacy and get the morning after pill with out consulting a doctor?