Abortion: Is it a woman's choice?

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There is no way around it; ending the life of another human being is murder. Whether it is an adult who can walk and talk or a child that is still within the mother's womb, it has a soul that dies when its body is killed. However, there are those who would argue that a woman has the right to choose whether to abort her innocent, unborn child. No one has the right to decide if a baby lives or dies. Unless an extreme situation has occurred, (such as rape, incest, or the mother's life being in danger) not the mother, the father, nor anyone else has the right to take that baby's life. The child should not have to pay for the parent's mistake with his or her life. Many people our age are having increased sexual activities and therefore, the risk of pregnancy is becoming even greater.

At our age, it is even more crucial to address the moral and physical aspects of abortion and what it can do to the mother and to the unborn child. There are many arguments against abortion that prove exactly how unethical it is. Three of those arguments would be that it has been proven that embryos bond to their mothers during the first trimester; a mother who terminates her pregnancy early on has not had time to think about her decision; and that the mother is also killing every other person that would have been in the baby's family tree.

Once a baby is born, it is commonly known that a bond forms almost immediately between the mother and child. Studies headed by Dr. John C. Fletcher and Dr. Mark I. Evans have proven that this bond begins to form in the second trimester of pregnancy,