Abortions. Includes Both sides of the issue and possible solutions. Also includes Australian government perspective

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Define Issue

Abortion has been all over the news but what does it really mean. There are many different kinds of abortion

- Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage): An abortion due to accidental trauma or natural causes.

- Induced abortion: An abortion deliberately caused. Induced abortions are further subcategorized into therapeutic abortions and elective abortions:

o Therapeutic abortion

- To save the life of the pregnant woman.

- To preserve the woman's physical or mental health.

- To terminate a pregnancy that would result in the birth of a child with defects which would be incompatible with life or associated with significant morbidity.

- To selectively reduce the number of fetuses in a multiple pregnancy to lessen health risks involved.

o Elective abortion: An abortion performed for any other reason.

Outline Both Sides of The argument

Arguments for Abortion

1. Abortion is not wrong in itself and need not involve undesirable consequences.

2. According to some, abortion is a matter of a woman's right to exercise control over her own body. Moralists who judge actions by their consequences alone could argue that abortion is equivalent to a deliberate failure to conceive a child and since contraception is widely available, abortion should be too.

3. The overriding principle, some argue that it is the woman's right to choose what happens to her body. This use of the language of choice conveys approval regardless of the type of pressures the woman faces and any constraints on her freedom to make a genuine choice.

The main reason for Abortion is that that the common factors to have an abortion was the desire to delay or end childbearing, concern over the interruption of work or education, issues of financial or relationship stability, and perceived immaturity Sometimes in extreme cases a woman has been raped and has...