Abortions: pro-life.

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1973 was the year when abortions became legal, and ever since more then

40 million babies have been aborted, that's more then the whole population of

Canada, killed, even before they had a chance. If we have the right to live so do

unborn babies, and there shouldn't be a possible way where you can kill another

human being. Some might say, "Oh it's not even a real baby yet" well it is, a

baby's heart starts beating 22 days after conception, and surgical abortions

aren't done before seven weeks, and by that time the baby already had arms and

legs. It's time now to put an end to this cruelty. Abortions need to become illegal.

First of all there are many things that pro-choice supporters might say,

such as, it's the women's choice weather she wants to keep her baby or not.

Women are faced with many decisions during their pregnancy, but that should

never include the right to kill her baby.

Most of the time women aren't informed of

all the information that they need to know before making this very important

decision, and at the end they end up feeling sorry. Many times doctors might give

the woman the option of abortion if she's facing a difficult pregnancy, and that's

wrong, why would they even mention that, 100's of years ago women faced

many difficult pregnancies, and abortion wasn't a choice for them, and they

ended up just fine.

Secondly, some might say, "what will we do with all of the unwanted kids",

like poor babies and overpopulation. Well we will never end poverty in the world,

simply by killing poor children, and the poor mother who is encouraged to have

an abortion today is just as poor tomorrow, so it makes no difference to her and...