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Overview of below the line strategies:•Just as ASUS laptops named one of their laptops a 'Lamborghini', we would attempt to make a deal with another laptop brand, possibly HP, dell, sony etc, and name laptops in their range after a Citroen model. With the best, most sophisticated laptop, sporting the name of our highest car model and so on. This will maintain the cars image as being extremely technological and almost futuristic as people associate laptops with the highest point of technological sophistication in society.

•We will maintain the red bull sponsorship of the Citroen car in the WRC however we would, if the contract allows, ask the laptop brand to co-sponsor and dress the pit crew or maintenance men in the same brand that the laptop range is associated with, making sure 'Citroen' is still clearly displayed. By constantly associating Citroen with technological brands, especially computer brands, it positions Citroen as a car brand which prides itself on the high sophistication of technology in the car models.

Sales promotion strategy:•Consumer:oEach new car purchased, the corresponding laptop to that model will be given as an added bonusoWith fuel prices being such a major part of every day life, each car purchase will also be given a fuel card worth a certain amount depending on which model is purchasedoFor a limited time with new models, GPS systems will also be provided. For models which have GPS as standard, map updates will be provided free of charge once a year for the rest of the car's lifetime under that owneroOne of the major problems Citroen is facing is that people do not consider their car when thinking of making a purchase. To overcome this, people need to be heavily encouraged to trial the car. We advise that dealerships allow a demo car to be released to the potential consumer for a period of 24 hours if possible. The consumer would pre-book a day where they can use the car for 24 hours so that they can totally experience the car.

oAll these promotions will be advertised in the 'above the line' strategies•Sales force:oFinancial bonuses will be offered to the dealership in a pre-determined area which makes the most salesoFree track runs will be awarded to the salesman in each dealership who makes the most salesoCitroen will provide bi-yearly training sessions and motivation talks to salesmen which will help them become more efficient and to update them on new models and car informationoWith the economy in disarray at the moment, Citroen will provide lower interest loans to dealerships when purchasing cars.

Trade:•At purchase of car, dealerships will guarantee a trade-in price of the car in x years if another Citroen is purchased. For example, a C4 will be re-purchased by the dealership in 4 years for 60% of the original price to be put towards another Citroen.

Link to above the line communication mix elements:•All the sales force sales promotions and incentives will be relayed via telephone and in writing (letter and contract) to proprietor of the dealership. This will create a more personal approach which the dealership personal may appreciate.

•The laptop and 'limited time GPS giveaway' with each model will be conveyed aggressively through traditional advertising mediums such as TV, radio and print throughout the highest sales periods of the year as will the fuel offer. This will emphasise the technological aspect of the car and attract consumers. Throughout this period, the 24 hour test drive will also be made apparent on banners at the dealerships and in print/internet sites where cars are being advertised for sale.

•In periods of lower sales, the fuel voucher offer will be heavily advertised in conjunction with the laptop offer.

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