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Abraham Lincoln Youth The parents of Abraham Lincoln were poor pioneer farmers. His father, Thomas, was a carpenter and farmer. Abraham's mother Nancy was an illiterate. She gave birth to Abraham in the morning of February 12, 1809 in the state of Kansas. The Lincoln's often moved from one place to another. As a result, Abraham attended many different schools and did not undergo a continuous schooling. All the same, Abraham became interested in reading and, by the age of 12, starts to lend books from neighbours. On an unfortunate occasion, a book Abraham had borrowed got soaked with rain. He worked off the worth of the book for the person who had lent the book and, thereby, became the owner of "Life of Washington", the first book he ever owned.

In 1831, he set off for New Orleans with goods from his parents land. He volunteered as a soldier during the Black Hawk War and was elected captain of his company.

When returning from war, Washington tried to build up a general store, but when his parter died, the project collapsed. Although the debts were high, Lincoln managed to gradually pay them back. This was awarded with a reputation of honesty.

First political activities On returning to Illinois, Lincoln started to get involved in Illinois politics by serving in the lower house from 1834 until 1841. Already in this position Lincoln became active against slavery.

From 1841 to 1854, Lincoln carried out his learned profession of an attorney.

However, in the late 1850s, Lincoln felt the urge to become politically active again. The reason was the Kansas-Nebraska Act which was meant to leave the decision on whether slavery shall be allowed or not should be regarded a national issue. This, in combination with the "Dred Scott-decision", a decision taken...