Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born on Sunday, February 12, 1809. He was raised in a log

cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Before Abraham grew up to be a knowledgeable and

organized United States president, he went through a lot of social issues during his

childhood. When he was 7 years of age, his family moved to southern Indiana. He went

to school with his older sister who in 1919, died of milk sickness. Lincoln had served in

the Black Hawk war in his late teens, but found no interest so he decided he wanted to be

a politician and joined to become a member of the Whig Party. He remained a Whig for a

few years then to go on to be a republican and study to be a lawyer.

Later in Lincoln's life in Presidency, he faced some conflicts with slavery.

Lincoln, a unionist, was against slavery and wanted to do everything in his will power to

abolish slavery.

The major conflict was known to be the Civil War, which was a fight

over slavery and where it should stand in the United States. On January 4, 1863, the

Emancipation Proclamation changed slavery, because it was Lincoln's Declaration for the

freedom of all slaves in the United States. The Rebels finally surrendered to the Union at

the famous battle of Gettysburg.

I think that if Lincoln had never have been an abolitionist of slavery, then slavery

would probably still be in favor today. This would have a dramatic effect on the society

too. There would be so much war going on with people fighting against and with slavery.

The United States would be corrupt, and the black community today would be in ruin and

in poverty. Slaves at the time of the civil war were just learning to adapt...