Abraham Lincoln

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In This Paper I will discuss the major aspects of Abraham Lincoln and his contributions to the civil war including the Birth and childhood of Abraham Lincoln, The modern life of Abraham Lincoln, and His presidency and contributions to the civil war.

Abraham Lincoln was born on Sunday February 12, in 1809. He was born in the town of Hodgenville, In the Heart of Kentucky. He was born to the parents of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, who which named him after his grandfather who was his paternal one. Abrahams Father Thomas Lincoln was a proud father, carpenter, and farmer. Both Parents were members of the Baptist congregation but Because of slavery the church was separated from others.

At the Age of 7, the Lincoln family decided to move to Indiana. Upon moving to Indiana, Abraham had attended school in Indiana just like he had in Kentucky only in Kentucky it was little schooling time he had spent.

After moving to Indiana, Abraham had attended school with his sister Sarah, Abraham's brother Thomas had died when he was a infant. In the year 1818 Sarah and Abrahams Mother had passed away from a Disease known as milk sickness. Milk sickness was common from the cattle eating the white snakeroot some the plant and then a human consuming the milk from a cow. His Father Thomas had remarried the next year. Sarah and Abraham's new stepmother had brought 3 more children to be part of the family. As Abraham grew older he loved to read and learn to farm. His father, Thomas had a difficult relationship with Abraham being that the both had opposite idea and interests. Borrowing books from neighbors was very common for Abraham because of the fact that he liked to read. In 1828 Abrahams Sister...