Abraham Lincoln

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Throughout history there have been many great leaders, some where presidents, other

were just great people. But there are a few names that are common on people's minds when you

think of a great role model. One of them is Abraham Lincoln. In the book Abraham Lincoln The

Christian by William J. Johnson there are three very evident characteristics. The first one is that

he was a very religious man, secondly a very persevered man, and lastly he was a man that gave


He was never out of arms reach of the Bible. Growing up he had very godly family; both

of his parents were Christians. His home was a home of prayer, worship, and bible reading.

There wasn't a church close enough for them to attend regularly so his mother read bible stories

to him each Sunday just like they would hear in Sunday school. At the tender age of nine his

mom became very ill and died, but before she died she had once last talk with him and his sister.

She told them to be kind to one another and to the rest of the family, hoping that they would live

in the godliness that she had instilled in them. As a young man growing up he had doubts about

his religion, but he always researched and talked with others about it. He was said to have

written a paper on the emotions of God and they said there was never a paper that matched its

content. As he started to become well known throughout the country he never left his Christian

roots. Most of his speeches started and ended with a comment towards God or thanking God for

what he had given him. He is one of the few men that led our country...