Abraham lincoln assassination

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April 14, 1865 at 10:15pm American president Abraham Lincoln, enjoying Our American Cousin in Ford's theater, was shot in the back of the head by J.W.Booth. Booth then proceeded to escape and stayed at large until cornered in a tobacco barn and was shot in the back, causing his eventual death. Comparatively, On September 11, 2001 four airplanes were highjacked. Two collided with the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. One crashed into the pentagon building in Washington, D.C.; the last plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Both these events devastated the nation in their own way, changing the way Americans live their lives, and prompted government action against such events taking place.

The Twin Towers, prior to the attacks, were symbols of prosperity to the American people. Attacking it directly, taking many lives of innocent civilians simultaneously was unperceivable. In this case the public was the target.

They were left in a state of panic asking themselves "are we safe?" In the case of the president's death, the public feeling leaned toward mourning. Presidency in comparison to the Twin Towers is the highest elected position in the American government. To kill such a symbol to the American people, the man who led the north through the civil war to victory, was tragic. Even those who it did not concern felt love for their dead president.

The American government regarded both the assassination and events of September 11 political attacks against government policy. J.W.Booth, the perpetrator of Lincoln's murder, was a confederate sympathizer and felt strongly against Lincoln's reforms. Killing the head of government, as well as attempted murder of other governmental faces including the secretary of state, was supposed to put the government in a state of turmoil. This device failed, but that...