Abraham Lincoln Assassination Thorough Description plus Assassination Source Analysis

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Task 1: The Assassination

John Wilkes Booth was born on May 10, 1838. He was the 9th child of ten in his family, and his father Junius Booth was one of the most famous actors on the American stage. In 1860 he was hailed "the young tragedian of the year" and was earning an easy $20,000 annually. With such a lifestyle, why did he grow up to conspire the death of President Lincoln? Supposedly pledged towards the "right of the South" which principles were based upon slavery, everything Lincoln was against.

Before the civil war Booth served under Colonel Robert e. Lee. During the war he turned pacifist and did not take action in the war, so he continued his career in acting. Booth took pride in his appearance and with looks came charms; he also had a fair amount of money which he could spend on liquor wile expressing his anti-republican and anti-Lincoln views.

Booth had a few school day friends who shared the same views as him; they often met up at changing meeting places. George A. Atzerodt, Michael O'Loughlin, Lewis Paine, Sam Arnold, David Herold and Booth were all conspired to be connected to the death of Abraham Lincoln and the Vice President, William H. Seward, what they all did exactly has been deeply analysed by theorists and historians, but as they practised with weaponry and violence there is no doubt they were on a mission to end the life of President Lincoln.

The motive behind the murder was fundamentally on Lincoln views on slavery, and the fear that without slavery, the southern states economical structure would fall. Just before Booth shot Lincoln, he murmured "Sic Semper Tyrannis," which means As Always to Tyrants; this statement shows his perspective on Lincoln's leadership as president, this is...