Abraham Lincoln the Man. What were his achievements?

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Abraham Lincoln is considered by most people to be the greatest political figure in United States history. He was elected to Presidency on February 11, 1861, during very difficult times, where major issues were uprising and due for a massive explosion meaning war. It was a time of slavery and inequalities among the white settlers and the African American people. Abraham Lincoln was not that interested in politics at the time but was more focused on getting rid of racism and most importantly slavery. Abraham Lincoln demonstrates to the people that as President of the United States he can make a big difference in the world regarding these human rights issues. His character and big heart is shown clearly when he announces the Emancipation Proclamation, the famous Gettysburg Address and keeping the nation together after years of civil war.

"Lincoln during the beginning of the war introduced the Emancipation Proclamation but his military advisors and abolitionists wanted him to wait after the Civil War to make a proclamation to free the slaves in South" (Grolier Multimedia Encyclopaedia).

The policy would benefit the North because if they were to free the slaves from the South, it would benefit Lincoln's military and destroy the South's economy. Lincoln knew this very well but he feared that if he was to free the slaves it would divide

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and cause corruption within his own Union. He thought that if he adopted the proclamation the four remaining slave-holding states in the North would leave because they would also lose many labouring slaves.

In 1862, many slaves were escaping and turning towards the Union military for help. Lincoln realized that the pressure of war with the South was starting to abolish slavery by not even introducing the legal emancipation proclamation. "In July 1862, Lincoln was...