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Abstinence I believe in abstinence because it prevents against teenage birth, you will know the meaning of true love if you wait till you are married, and the Bible says that having sex before marriage is wrong. Many teens can get pregnant if they have sex before marriage, and the father may leave the mother. You only find true love once you are married, so you should wait. The Bible says abstinence is right, and everyone should want to please God. The prevention of teenage birth, finding real love (not lust), and pleasing God are three reasons why one should refrain from sex until married.

Abstinence prevents teenage birth. Some teen mothers have unwanted children, which leads to abortion. Many moms then may be lead into depression. If they keep their kids, they are forced to grow up quicker, while everyone else their age is enjoying life.

Abstinence is right because it prevents teenage birth.

If you remain abstinent until you are married, you will know the meaning of true love, and not lust. Many people get them two mixed up. I don't believe you will find "actual" love until you are married or arranged to be married. If you aren't married and you have sex, you may lose the affection of the one you had sex with, or even they may lose the lust they had for you. Everyone should want to find true love. Remaining abstinent until married is right.

As a Christian, I believe in abstinence. Like Jacob B. said, "Not remaining abstinent till you're married is against God's will." God gave us the Bible for us to live by His rules, and we should do just that. If anything makes you want to have sex before marriage, this last thing-what...