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Abstinence: To chose or not to choose?

Many teenagers just don't understand the responsibilities that go along with being sexually active, they don't even think about them. But maybe they should sit back and think before taking part. People should not be having sex just to have it, but because they are in love. The only time premarital sex may be okay is in the boundaries of a loving, trusting relationship. Other wise you will most likely regret it when you get older.

There is so much feeling that goes into being sexually active most teenagers wouldn't even be able to handle the emotional stress that gets added to the relationship after engaging in intercourse. The person's self-esteem is at high risk, how will people feel after the relationship ends? It has been prove that "While many people feel guilty for having sex, or feel hurt and used when a relationship ends after they participated in sex with the other person, abstinence affirms self-esteem."

(Affirming self-esteem 1). But then there are the small numbers of people that actually don't regret abstinence.

There are ways to show the partner in a relationship that there is a lot of love for them without engaging in sexual intercourse. Instead of sex somethings that people chose to do are, go for a walk on the beach, give each other a massage, have a snowball fight, or make dinner together. Touching may be okay as long as you don't exchange body fluids. Sex is only okay within the boundaries of love, and with out love it just isn't worth it.

There are so many responsibilities that go along with being sexually active especially when in a relationship. People have to remember that they must remain faithful to the partner; being willing to compromise; standing by...