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Abuse Have you ever been walking in the halls or at a public place and over herd someone talking about drugs or under age drinking? You most likely have but you will usually just keep walking and try to tell you self it is not a problem and you ignore them. For you this might not be a problem but for many others abuse of a substance is very serious. Some of the most common abused substances are marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. There are many other drugs out there but for most teenager this are the easiest to get. This does not mean that only teen teenagers use these drugs but adults also abuse these drugs.

Even thought the legal drinking age in the United States is 21 many teen teenagers still consume alcohol. There are many risks for teenagers that drink. Alcohol goes in to the blood stream from the small intestines where it goes to the brain and depresses the central nerves system.

By doing this it causes the persons behavior and body ability to act right. After the alcohol is in your body it must be broken down. There is nothing you can do to speed up this process. 5 percent of alcohol levels the body through sweat and your breath. Most of it has to be processed through the liver. Because of this the liver can not properly remove all the sugar and fats which over time causes you to get fatty deposits in the liver. If alcohol does not ruin your body then it can run your life. Over time the body craves more and more of this drug and the more you drink the more resistance you get to it casing you to drink more to reach the same high. Teenagers that are in...