Abuse of Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Intake During Pregnancy and it's Effects on Babies

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The abuse of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy causes much alarm to society. A lot of crimes, violence, and mental retardation and physical defects result from the abuse. Pro-life organizations and advocates, doctors and medical researchers have tried to work hand in hand to study and expose the ill effects of pre-natal exposure to drugs. More are concerned with the physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol on children.

To discuss this issue more thoroughly, this paper will be divided into several parts: (1) background of the study; (2) the effects of pre-natal exposure to prohibited drugs; (3) effects of too much alcohol intake; and (4) other factors that may prevent or intensify the serious effects of drug and alcohol abuse from pre-natal onwards.


Before I begin to discuss the effects of drug and alcohol abuse of pregnant women, we have to know the limit of the study and the factors that may have added to the effect.

The methods of research are limited, while others contradict each other. One thing is certain though; the abuse of alcohol is more rampant in pregnant women than the use of illegal drugs.

According to studies the limits or the challenges of methodological research are: (1) the lack of protocols in hospitals to identify pregnant women who use drugs and alcohol. In addition to that, most women deny the use of drugs and alcohol. (2) Some drugs and alcohol have already metabolized, and therefore, toxicological assessments may be erroneous.

(3) Researchers frequently fail to base their prevalence estimates on samples representative of the general population. (4) Researchers often have difficulty in verifying a matched control group. Other troubles deal with the complexity of separating the effects of a specific substance use, and the relationship of its amount and...