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Good morning everyone, my name is ---------------- I'm here today to talk to you about dating violence. What would you do if you were ever involved in a abusive relationship?

Many people say they would just leave the person, but it is not always that easy to escape an abusive relatioship. Boyfriend violence, from verbal abuse to a slap in the face to harsher physical abuse, affects up to 28 percent of teenagers in an intimate relationship, according to the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. Yet many of these affected young women hide the problem from friends and family.

When classifying 'dating violence', it can range from verbal attacks to punching, physical threats or even worse. Though dating violence to some people is thought of as a seperate problem from date rape, it is often accompained by unwanted sexual pressure or abuse.

I'm sure many of the males in the class are wondering why they are always portraid as the abusers in the relstionship. Girlfriend abuse does occur, in most cases it is verbal abuse, however in the reported cases of dating violence the overwhelming majority of them are male abusers.

Violence in a teenage relationship can of course, have many causes from an unsettled fight to jealousy. Alcohol and drug use are usually the main cause. When you are at a party with your friends and there is drinking involved, I'm sure there are many arguments between couples that sometimes get out of hand and would not of even started if they weren't drinking.

One question I ask my self is 'Why do teens keep quite about their experiences?' I suppose girls who date are seen more popular then those who don't, and they don't wnat to tell their friends or...