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Christian Turner

Mrs. Harper

November 13, 2014

English 10 4º

A Man of Courage and Inspiration

In his article,"Patrick Willis has a special understanding of what it takes to succeed," Doug Farrar explores the life of one man, Patrick Willis, who grew up in poverty and argues that his life has inspired all around the nation through his football career. Patrick Willis grew up in rural tennessee. Not only was his father an abusive drug addict, he made his family go without running water and electricity. Doug Farrar addresses how how Patrick Willis has affected people all across the nation by highlighting the the first time Patrick Willis made his story public. Although Patrick's father was Patrick emphasizes the fact that his dad encouraged him. Patrick tells the public that his dad had taught them when he was young that they had to work for anything they wanted.

Patrick Willis has taught many people what courage actually is because of his perseverance, where so many others would have just given up. Patrick Willis stresses the fact that easier to take the easy way out but it is not always the right thing to do. Patrick Willis then goes in to his religious beliefs. He tells the nation that he has always had God to lean on. All he had to do was send God a prayer. This is an important part of Willis's life because not everyone has this outlet, to have something that gives them strength during their toughest times. Doug Farrar focuses on another obstacle Patrick Willis, foster care. Had there been no one who cared about theses children, Patrick Willis would have been separated from his brothers and sisters. As Doug Farrar continues, he points out that the first time Willis spoke about his...