Academy Awards Acceptance speeches: Best Male Actor- Orlando Bloom (Romeo and Juliet)

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Thank you to all of those who voted for me. I would especially like to thank the cast and crew of Romeo and Juliet; they made it a lifetime experience that any actor would willingly accept the role to.

This film would not have been made had it not been for the creative vision of the truly talented director Baz Lurmann. Baz has taken a well-known play and transformed it into a young and sexy film that appeals to the youth of today. Future students of film will consider his editing of the opening scene a masterpiece. The montage of shots he has used adds visually to Shakespeare's story and brings his play to life. Baz's use of lighting is brilliantly shown in the party scene- who can forget that amazing aquarium the first time the lovers met. I can't think of a better way to be introduced to Shakespeare.

Without Shakespeare then there will be no Romeo and Juliet, so I credit William on his works that everyone can relate to this love story. It was interesting acting out all the different themes, one scene would be immense in action, while another would be filled with joy and happiness and another would be back to loneliness.

I would like to mention the stunning Juliet played by Hilary Duff. Without her wonderful sense of humour and courage I would not have been able to get through the movie. Hilary's genuine acting ability brought out the best in me and inspired me to push myself further and develop my range as an actor. In the movie Hilary brings to life the character that Shakespeare has imagined and makes her a more modern role model to the teenagers of today.

Queen Latifah and Michael Caine, the superb nurse and friar, I praise both of you for your guidance in making me a better actor. Michael Caine has always been on top of the whole film and brings out the best of the friar. He has this extraordinary skill of being able to analyse a script and perform it immediately without any flaws. I must also add that Queen Latifah, the caring nurse of Juliet, brings her own sense of style and humour to the character of the nurse and gives the film a comedic edge that helps the audience deal better with the tragic events which were to follow, I commend you for your works on this set. You have been a great asset to the cast and crew.

Catherine Martin, you're the most amazing person in the world. She makes these really fine dresses and costumes that somehow always fit me, it is amazing. One of my favourite costumes was the alien suit which someone was wearing at the Capulet party, it was very funky and also appealing to the younger audience who would definitely find that attractive. Catherine again I praise you for your hard efforts into this film and the amount of time which you spend into making the studio a friendly and colourful environment.

I would like to finish up by saying thank you to my whole family for their continuous support over the few years during my acting career, thank you mum for giving me the support needed to pursuit my acting career and dad for being the best role model a son could have.