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ACC was among the first Indian companies to adopt automation of information technology. We started computerizing our systems as early as 1968 - a commitment to progress through the harnessing of relevant available technologies, a practice that continues even today.

We have traveled a long way from our early days when we were using simple keypunching machines. Significant improvements have been made in application systems and infrastructure since then - from Batch processing to on-line systems, from IBM 1401 and Data General system to the latest Linux/UNIX and Windows 2003 based machines. We have made timely transitions determined by available technologies and business requirements.

In February 2007 the company made a quantum jump from in-house developed systems using Oracle 9i and Developer 6i to an ERP (SAP) based solution. This decision was based solely on our strategic objectives and the business benefits that we expect to derive from implementing such a solution. With this move we also aligned people, business processes and technologies across the country.

The Company has an Intranet Portal called 'Accelerate' which is dedicated to employees. The portal's content is based on Personal information relating to Human Resource matters, Performance Management, as well as other information of use to employees such as the latest news on company affairs, developments on sustainable development, house magazines and newsletters.

Being a large organization with a countrywide network of manufacturing, marketing and R&D centers, we have invested in the creation of a comprehensive infrastructure that allows free flow of information across the organization. This enables almost instant communication between all levels in the organization. A hybrid WAN network connects each of our 275 plus locations. A judicious mix of VSAT and VPN links ensure adequate connectivity between these locations. Each manufacturing location has a well designed LAN to meet its needs.