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Oxford Brookes University

Research and Analysis Project

The Business and Financial Performance over a Three Year Period of HUB Power Company Limited

May 2014


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Project objectives and overall research approach

Reasons for choosing this topic and company

There are a number of reasons why I chose to focus my research on this specific topic, amongst other viable alternatives.

Firstly, I am genuinely interested in financial analysis and wish to focus my future career in this particular field. This topic allowed me to apply my analytical skills and assess myself in the best possible way. Furthermore, by doing this research, I believe I would be able to understand the business model of the organization that I choose to work on and also its' interaction with external forces such as the government and the economy.

The amount of information available through secondary resources is extensive and hence the ease of information availability is another factor which led me to choose this particular topic.

A number of ACCA examinations consist of calculations of various ratios but I felt that I could gain a more practical understanding of the subject by doing research on a specific local organization. This would allow me to not only apply the tools that I have learnt as part of my study, but also know about their advantages and limitations in a practical context.

Over the past couple of years, Pakistan has been plagued by the circular debt and energy crisis which spurred my interest in the energy and power sector of Pakistan. I started to explore the key drivers of growth in the industry as well as the solutions to the problems being currently faced by power producers in the sector. HUB Power Company (HUBCO) was thus, a natural choice as an...