When is it acceptable to use a cell phone? Should we be punished for having bad manners?

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When is it Acceptable to Use a Cell Phone?

When is it acceptable to use a cell phone? That's really a difficult question. Especially because the answers can differ widely depending on who is responding to them. For example, if you are the person who is being annoyed by the fact that another person is talking on the phone, inside a restaurant, you'll probably say that it is not polite of him or her to use the phone in such a public place where people go expecting to have a good time, without too many noise or loud talking. But if we ask the person who is on the phone, he or she will probably say that he/she knows that it's not completely right to talk on the phone inside public places but the call was tremendously important, they couldn't help talking back. If we focus solely on cell phones, we'll have attacked only the very small tip of a very large iceberg.

The problem is lack of consideration for other people either through thoughtlessness or indifference or perhaps lack of attention to what they're doing. If we can convince people to make them selves aware of how their actions are affecting other people, the cell-phone problem will go away by itself, along with a lot of other annoying behavior. Even so, I do not believe that someone should be fined for having bad manners.

Even with my own experience with cell phone users, I have been really annoyed to be in a place and having to hear another person's conversation due to they are talking on the phone, especially when talking loudly. I don't see any difference between the person at the next table who uses a cell phone during dinner and the five salespeople who sit down...