Is It Acceptable for Young People to Live Together before Marriage?

Essay by danwil_lo July 2008

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Up to 78% of teens nowadays are in relationships. They find out that their relationships start with friendship and further proceed to romance and later lead to sexual intercourse. All of these experiences relate closely to the time they spend living together. Although many think that living together before marriage benefit both parties, I strongly believe that it is unacceptable for young people to live together before marriage due to several reasons.

Some people may think that if couples live together, their common interests can be shared. They maintain this kind of thinking because people around them have proven this mindset to be true. However, this does not mean that the same case can be applied to every couple. Most of the teens in this modern age want to have freedom in doing everything; love and relationships are not excluded too. Teens feel that either their boyfriend or girlfriend should deserve to have own privacy.

There is always something that either party intends to hide from another, such as family problems etc. By living together, personal secrets might be exposed to his/her lover. Besides, he/she can concentrate doing own things. Without much distraction around, one can be more focused on performing tasks that yield good results. On the other hand, one's social life is not restricted. For instance, a girlfriend seems reluctant to talk to males around her, as she cares about the feeling of her lover. As a result, this debars her from learning valuable experience of adjusting to others.

There are many things to be said in favor of teens living together before marriage, the most obvious being that is it undoubtedly gains more understanding between couple. Without the benefits that cohabitation brings, the world would have higher rate of divorce. The aforementioned statement, although literally true,