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America is in the middle of a health care crisis. Many American citizens do not have health insurance and have no means of attaining it. Health insurance should be made affordable for all citizens of the United States. This is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet we lack the basic necessities that people in other countries provide to their citizens.

The amount of American citizens that do not have health insurance is staggering. There are over nine million children in the United States that have no insurance. Many of this is caused by lack of funding, education and class status. Parents either have jobs where the insurance has been cut due to costs, or the insurance that is offered is too much for them to pay. In order for our children to grow up healthy, we need to make sure that they have access to doctors.

In addition to the nine million children that lack health insurance, there are over 46 million adults without health insurance. The reasons for this lack of insurance are again, either their work place has cut out the benefit packages they offered in the past, or the parents just cannot afford it. A person should not have to choose between insuring their family, and paying their mortgage.

While many Americans will use the emergency room as a regular doctor, there are those who will wait until whatever is wrong with them gets so bad, they end up in the hospital for lengthy stays. Some of these people will even die. This could possibly be prevented if these people had insurance and could get to a primary care doctor. We have people who survive cancer because it was caught in time to treat it, but we have even more people...